Nysc Recruitment 2013- NYSC Recruitment 2013 Application

Nysc Recruitment 2013-NYSC Recruitment 2013 Application

NYSC Recruitment 2013 – Exciting career opportunities exist in A Federal Government agency, the Nysc Recruitment team are in need of qualified and suitable candidates for numerous vacant positions across the nation.

NYSC Recruitment 2013

1.Please you are advised to submit your application just once; double entry of submissions will be disqualified!

2.Your phone numbers and email address should be unique and valid.

3. Let your alternative phone number be of a different network provider in case your main line is unreachable (e.g if your main network is MTN, use a Glo number as your alternative number).

4.Your data’s here are strictly confidential. If you want us to advice, or share your information for future use, indicate by selecting the Share Your Info from Your Privacy group.

5.We are constantly monitoring your IP address incase of misuse and also attempts to conduct fraudulent activity or spam on NYSC Recruitment 2013

Please take note: the Nysc Recruitment Exercise deadline is on 2013-12-03.

6. Agricultural Staff 1 (SGL 9) and 2 (SGL 8)
You must have M.Sc. in Agric. Research, Animal husbandry and Crop Production.

7. Statistic personnel (SGL 9)
Be in charge of statistic management and other works.

8. Administrative Staff 1 (SGL 9) and 2 (SGL 8)
Performs some basic administrative functions.

9. Account Personnel 1 (SGL 9) and 2 (SGL 8) for the NYSC Recruitment 2013 Exercise.
Supervise accounting activities within the establishment.

10. NYSC Auditor 1 (SGL 9) and 2 (SGL 8)
In charge of the auditing and basic checking of accounts.

11. Inspector Personnel  II (SGL 8)

12. Informative Official 1 (SGL 9) and 2 (SGL 8)
Must be in-charge of basic information’s in and within the Corps.

13. Confidant Secretary I (SGL 8)
Must be in charge of the secretively of the establishment documents and archives.

14. Program Analysis II (SGL 8) in the NYSC Recruitment 2013 Exercise
Analysis’s of the system and prorammes.

15. F & F events manager (SGL 8)
In-charge of basic facts and figures events of the agency.

16. Procuring Manager (SGL 8)
In-charge of procurements of goods and services.

17. Executive Staff – GD (SGL 7)
In-charge of executive functions.

18. Top Officer – ACCTS (SGL 8)

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Nysc Recruitment 2013 – NYSC Recruitment 2013 Application


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